Extensions and diferent behaviors for Doctrine 2, Translatable, Sluggable, Tree - NestedSet, Timestampable
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Doctrine2 behavioral extensions

Version 2.3.1

Build Status

Note: recently doctrine orm and odm were updated to use common doctrine mapping persistense layer. The support for it has been made and tagged with 2.3.1 version tag. It will be compatible with latest version of doctrine mapping at master branches

Latest updates


  • Mapping drivers were updated to support latest doctrine versions.


  • Sluggable now allows to regenerate slug if its set to empty or null. Also it allows to manually set the slug, in that case it would only transliterate it and ensure uniqueness.


  • Translatable now does not force lowercase letters on locale or language. If your database is case sensitive, take this into account and upgrade your current translations in the database. This change will not be backported into 2.2 or older versions of extensions and will be available in comming releases.
  • Sortable now handles and synchronizes all object sort positions which are allready in memory of unitOfWork. Which does not require to do $em->clear() after each operation anymore.



  • Removed slug handlers, this functionality brought complucations which could not be maintained.


  • Add option to force Translatable store translation in default locale like any other. See documentation


  • Translatable finally has Personal Translations which can relate through a real foreign key constraint and be used as a standard doctrine collection. This allows to configure domain objects anyway you prefere and still enjoy all features Translatable provides.
  • There were BC breaks introduced in master branch of extensions which is based on doctrine2.3.x version. If you are not interested in upgrading you can safely checkout at 2.2.x or 2.1.x tag. To upgrade your source code follow the upgrade guide
  • Library now can map only MappedSuperclasses which would avoid generation of ext_ tables which might not be used. Also it provides convinient methods to hook extension metadata drivers into metadata driver chain.
  • Example demo application has a detailed configuration provided, which explains and shows how extensions can or should be used with Doctrine2 ORM. To install it follow the steps.

Summary and features

This package contains extensions for Doctrine2 that hook into the facilities of Doctrine and offer new functionality or tools to use Doctrine2 more efficently. This package contains mostly used behaviors which can be easily attached to your event system of Doctrine2 and handle the records being flushed in the behavioral way. List of extensions:

  • Tree - this extension automates the tree handling process and adds some tree specific functions on repository. (closure, nestedset or materialized path)
  • Translatable - gives you a very handy solution for translating records into diferent languages. Easy to setup, easier to use.
  • Sluggable - urlizes your specified fields into single unique slug
  • Timestampable - updates date fields on create, update and even property change.
  • Loggable - helps tracking changes and history of objects, also supports version managment.
  • Sortable - makes any document or entity sortable
  • Translator - explicit way to handle translations
  • Softdeleteable - allows to implicitly remove records

Currently these extensions support Yaml, Annotation and Xml mapping. Additional mapping drivers can be easily implemented using Mapping extension to handle the additional metadata mapping.

Note: Please note, that xml mapping needs to be in a different namespace, the declared namespace for Doctrine extensions is http://gediminasm.org/schemas/orm/doctrine-extensions-mapping So root node now looks like this:

Note: Use 2.1.x tag in order to use extensions based on Doctrine2.1.x versions. Currently master branch is based on 2.2.x versions and may not work with 2.1.x

<doctrine-mapping xmlns="http://doctrine-project.org/schemas/orm/doctrine-mapping"

XML mapping xsd schemas are also versioned and can be used by version suffix:

ODM MongoDB support

List of extensions which support ODM

  • Translatable
  • Sluggable
  • Timestampable
  • Loggable
  • Translator
  • Tree (Materialized Path strategy for now)

All these extensions can be nested together and mapped in traditional ways - annotations, xml or yaml

You can test these extensions on my blog. All tutorials for basic usage examples are on my blog too. You can also fork or clone this blog from github repository

Running the tests:

PHPUnit 3.6 or newer is required. To setup and run tests follow these steps:

  • go to the root directory of extensions
  • run: php bin/vendors.php
  • run: phpunit -c tests
  • optional - run mongodb in background to complete all tests

Running the example:

To setup and run example follow these steps:

  • go to the root directory of extensions
  • run: php bin/vendors.php installs doctrine and required symfony libraries
  • edit example/em.php and configure your database on top of the file
  • run: ./example/bin/console or php example/bin/console for console commands
  • run: ./example/bin/console orm:schema-tool:create to create schema
  • run: php example/run.php to run example


Thanks to everyone participating in the development of these great Doctrine2 extensions!

And especialy ones who create and maintain new extensions: