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Pages, Snippets and Files can be categorized. It allows for easier organization and also allows easier access to from your application.

For example, on the homepage we have some sort of a carousel element with a number of slides that client wants to manage. However, that client doesn't have experience with HTML, so we going to use Snippets to solve this problem. All we need to do is assign snippets to category carousel and then from your application we can easily access them like so:

- Comfy::Cms::Snippet.for_category('carousel').each do |slide|
  .slide= slide.content

If you have multiple sites going on you'll need to make sure that you're not pulling content from a wrong site:

- @cms_site.snippets.for_category('carousel')

Using CMS Categories on your own models

If you wish to use this functionality for your own models all you need to do is include cms_is_categorized in your model. Like this:

class YourCustomModel < ActiveRecord::Base
  # ... more stuff

To create new categories add this line in /app/views/admin/your_model_name/index.html.haml

= render :partial => 'admin/cms/categories/index', :object => 'YourCustomModel'

To assign new categories for your object add these lines:

= form.text_field :title
= form.text_area :content
= render :partial => 'admin/cms/categories/form', :object => form
  = form.submit, :class => 'btn btn-primary'

You will also need to permit categories parameters in your controller

class Admin::CustomController < Admin::Cms::BaseController
   # .... staff ...
     def page_params
       params.fetch(:page, {}).permit!

To List Categories:

          <% Comfy::Cms::Site.first.categories.each do |c| %>
            <li><%= c.inspect %></li>
          <% end %>

To List all the Pages in a Category:

        <% Comfy::Cms::Page.for_category('myfavoritecategory').each do |page| %>
          <%= link_to page.label, page.url(:relative) %>
        <% end %>
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