Customizing the WYSIWYG Editor

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Sofa allows you to override the default buttons that appear on the JS rich_text/WYSIWYG editor.

Use ViewHooks to link up a JS file in Sofa's Head with the following:

$.CMS.config['elRTE']['toolbar'] = [];

Fill the blank array with the items you'd like in the toolbar.

For example, to use HTML table controls, you'd specify:

$.CMS.config['elRTE']['toolbar'] = ['tables'];

Getting the WYSIWYG (Redactor) to not add paragraph on new lines

In your, you need to add the following line:

if window.CMS != undefined && window.CMS.wysiwyg != undefined
  window.CMS.wysiwyg = ->
    csrf_token = $('meta[name=csrf-token]').attr('content')
    csrf_param = $('meta[name=csrf-param]').attr('content')

    if (csrf_param != undefined && csrf_token != undefined)
      params = csrf_param + "=" + encodeURIComponent(csrf_token)

    $(', textarea[data-cms-rich-text]').redactor
      minHeight:          160
      autoresize:         true
      imageUpload:        "#{CMS.file_upload_path}?source=redactor&type=image&#{params}"
      imageManagerJson:   "#{CMS.file_upload_path}?source=redactor&type=image"
      fileUpload:         "#{CMS.file_upload_path}?source=redactor&type=file&#{params}"
      fileManagerJson:    "#{CMS.file_upload_path}?source=redactor&type=file"
      definedLinks:       "#{CMS.pages_path}?source=redactor"
      buttonSource:       true
      paragraphize:       false
      replaceDivs:        false
      removeWithoutAttr:  false
      lang:               CMS.locale
      formatting:         ['p', 'h1', 'h2', 'h3', 'h4', 'h5', 'h6']
      plugins:            ['imagemanager', 'filemanager', 'table', 'video', 'definedlinks']

Look up for various options that you would like to change.

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