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Django web-frontend for the COMIC project
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COMIC Django Frontend

This repository contains the Django-based web frontend for the COMIC project. "COMIC" stands for Consortium for Open Medical Image Computing.


Before installing make sure you have a copy of `Django <>`_1.5 or newer installed.

You can fetch a copy by cloning the git repository:

git clone git://

Package Requirements

  • South
  • Django Countries
  • Django Userena
  • Django Social Auth
  • PIL
  • beautifulsoup4
  • MatPlotLib (for rendering graphs)
  • xlrd (for reading xls files)

You can install these requirements easily with pip:

pip install South django-countries django-userena django-social-auth pil beautifulsoup4 dropbox matplotlib xlrd

Getting the framework up and running

After cloning the git repository and installing the required packages, take these steps to get an instance of the framework up and running:

From ./django/ you run:

python syncdb


Fill in ``no`` when asked to create a superuser. We will do this later on.

After this is finished run:

python migrate

Now we can create the superuser:

python createsuperuser

Run the following to check if all permissions are correct:

python check_permissions

When you start the server you should have a running copy of the COMIC web framework:

python runserver

Finally login to the admin on localhost:8000/admin and go to Sites. Change into:

Domain name: localhost:8000
Display name: localhost

Editing settings

All default configuration is set in ./comic/settings/00_default.conf To add your own configuration, create a file ./comic/settings/01_localsettings.conf. Any settings defined here will overwrite settings in the 00_default.conf file.

Some settings you might want to change:

By default, any emails generated by the framework are not sent but printed to the console only. To send actual emails, set EMAIL_BACKEND
If you use a hostname different from the initial "http://localhost" to call the framework, change the MAIN_HOST_NAME and ALLOWED_HOSTS settings
By default all website content is stored using sqlite, which writes a file in the frameworks' root. To use your own database
Each project on the framework can reference files like images, stylesheets and downloadble datasets. These files are looked for in this location.

Useful URLs

Here is a short list of urls which are useful to know:

  • /admin # The admin of the framework, you can login in here with your superuser account.
  • /accounts # Overview of all accounts
  • /accounts/signin # Signin to an account
  • /accounts/signup # Register an account
  • /accounts/singout # Signout the current user


Pip does not install matplotlib correctly::
You can try an installer from the matplotlib website: After running the installer, you need to install the pyparsing module using
pip install pyparsing
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