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What is it?

Comiko is a mobile application which allows you to easily discover local comedians and artists! Using comiko, reduce the amount of time you spend looking, and increase the time you spend enjoying your evenings!

Filter your searches by:

  • The date of the show
  • How far it is
  • The show's cost

Find new artists, enjoy yourself, and develop your humorous side! Add the best shows to your favourites!


The project is contained in a few projects.

  • Comiko is the main mobile application running in flutter. It depends on a few other projects. If you only need to modify the mobile application, you can simply check this project out and hack.

  • Data-Scraper is the data scraping project.

  • Data_Importer_Firestore is the project used to populate the Firestore database with the data coming from the Data-Scraper.

  • Backend is the backend project. This may go away eventually since we're migrating things to Firebase.

  • Shared is the project containing the models and several business logic rules. If you want to modify stuff in this project, be careful to test Comiko, Backend , and Data-Scraper since they all depend on this.

Setup for Firebase

Note: If you're not part of the Comiko project on Firebase, you can either ask to be invited, or create your own Firebase project, just make sure to use the correct package name (ca.comiko.comiko).


  • Download the google-services.json file.


  • Place it under comiko-app/android/app

Debug firebase auth

Get your debug keystore fingerprint. There's no password for debug keystore, just hit enter when asked.

keytool -exportcert -list -v -alias androiddebugkey -keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore

Copy the SHA1 fingerprint and add it to the Comiko project settings in firebase console.

Debug facebook auth

keytool -exportcert -alias androiddebugkey -keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore | openssl sha1 -binary | openssl base64

Copy the fingerprint and add it in the Android Key Hashes of the Comiko project settings in facebook developer.

Getting Started

For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation.


MPL-2.0 © Comiko