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#### Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF)
#### See for instructions
AutoComplete example core
This is an example of how to do advanced super-flexible AutoComplete using a
dedicated Solr core. A blog post detailing the autocomplete technique is found
This code is intended as a template for you to get started. Normally you will copy
the "ac" folder, holding the configuration of the autocomplete core, into your own
multi core SolrHome, but for this simple example we assume that you run it
stand-alone in the provided solr-home.
We assume Linux/Mac/Cygwin, feel free to contribute start script for Windows :)
Quick start
1. Set environment variable JETTY_HOME to your solr/example folder (solr3.x)
export JETTY_HOME=/home/john/solr-3.5.0/solr/example
2. Start Solr using solr-home
3. In another SHELL window, feed the example data (you need curl)
4. Goto http://localhost:8983/solr/ac/browse and start typing.
The example data is country names and names of large cities from Geonames, and
they are boosted by population so if you type 'c' you'll see China on top..
Using your own data
Of course you want suggestions for your own data. The easiest is to start with the
exampledata/ac-example.csv file, keep the first line and enter your own data below.
Here is a short description of the columns and how they are configured to work in
Solr's schema.xml:
id : Unique id
textsuggest : Main text for matching and display
subtext : Extra text not being searched but displayed in ()
extrasearch : Extra text not being displayed but searched (full words only)
extradisplay : Extra text not being searched, for additional display
type : You may choose your own types, e.g. Country, City.
Each type will be suggested in its own section in the result
action : Optional field to give a hint to Ajax comp about what to do
when suggestion is clicked, e.g. search, jump-to-url etc
value : Optional field to give details about how to execute action
popularity : This number gets boosted into the score for relevancy tuning
thumbnail_url : Example of extra data field to be able to display an image
phonetic : If filled, this suggestion will also be matched phonetically
To learn more about how the autoSuggester is built and how to tune further, read
the blog post at
About the data set
We've used data from Geonames dataset, adapted for this example
Licensed under Creative Commons
Country names:
Deducted from
We use country ISO code for extra search, Capital city as sub-text, population as
City names:
Deducted from, filtered
to cities with population above 100.000
We use the country as sub-text and
population as popularity
Flags used in /browse GUI links to and are CC-by-sa