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Request for Comments (RFCs) for the COMIT network
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This repository hosts the RFCs that describe the COMIT protocol. If you want to get involved, make sure to read RFC-000 to get to know how our RFC process works.

  1. RFC-Process description
  2. BAM!-Protocol (Bidirectional Application Messaging)
  3. SWAP Message Types
  4. Basic HTLC Atomic Swap
  5. The Bitcoin Ledger
  6. Bitcoin Basic HTLC Atomic Swap
  7. The Ethereum Ledger
  8. Ethereum Basic HTLC Atomic Swap
  9. The ERC20 Asset
  10. ERC20 Basic HTLC Atomic Swap


The registry is our lean attempt to do something like IANA for the COMIT protocol. For the time being, it is just a text file involved in the RFC process.

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