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@D4nte D4nte released this Oct 2, 2019


  • Embed btsieve as a library inside cnd: From now on, you'll only need to run cnd to use COMIT.
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@D4nte D4nte released this Sep 24, 2019


  • Use the same Swap ID to identify a swap for both parties.
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@D4nte D4nte released this Sep 13, 2019

Remove need of dynamic shared libraries for zmq and ssl


  • Statically link openssl in the release build to allow the binaries to be ran out-of-the-box on most Linux distros.
  • Replace ZMQ by using bitcoind's HTTP API for retrieving bitcoin blocks.
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@D4nte D4nte released this Sep 5, 2019

First Release!


  • All the code since the dawn of comit-rs.
  • Check if btsieve's version matches the expected version, on every request.
  • Ping btsieve on cnd startup, checking for presence and version compatibility.


  • Move config files to standard location based on platform (OSX, Windows, Linux).
  • Align implementation with RFC-002 to use the decision header instead of status codes.
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