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An example project that shows how to build COMIT applications using TypeScript.
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Hello-Swap is an example project that shows how to build applications on top of the C( )MIT protocol using TypeScript.

Hello-Swap uses the comit-js-sdk to communicate with the API of the C( )MIT reference implementation comit-rs.

How to use it

Set up the environment

Make sure that you have Docker installed before proceeding.

  1. Get the latest version of create-comit-app by
  2. Run create-comit-app start-env inside the root directory of this project.
  3. Wait until the environment is ready.

Do an atomic swap

Make sure that you have yarn (or npm) installed before proceeding.

  1. In a separate terminal, run yarn install (or npm install) to install dependencies.
  2. Start the swap: yarn start (or npm start).
  3. Hit CTRL-C once the swap is done.
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