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How to contribute

Our software is open source so you can solve your own problems without needing help from others. And if you solve a problem and are so kind, you can upstream it for the rest of the world to use.

Most open source development activity is coordinated through our Discord. A lot of documentation is available on our medium

Getting Started


Local Testing

You can test your changes on your machine by running This will run some automated tests in docker against your code.

Automated Testing

All PRs are automatically checked by travis. Check out .travis.yml for what travis runs. Any new tests sould be added to travis.

Code Style and Linting

Code is automatically check for style by travis as part of the automated tests. You can also run these yourself by running

Car Ports (openpilot)

We've released a Model Port guide for porting to Toyota/Lexus models.

If you port openpilot to a substantially new car brand, see this more generic Brand Port guide. You might also be eligible for a bounty. See our bounties at

Pull Requests

Pull requests should be against the master branch. Before running master on in-car hardware, you'll need to run

git submodule init
git submodule update

in order to pull down the submodules, such as panda and opendbc.

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