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openpilot 0.9

Updated Oct 29, 2021

The feature complete version. Where disengagement analysis makes sense. Subject to change.

Research features:

  1. Vision only longitudinal
  2. e2e longitudinal, with whatever that makes work. At minimum, it must drive on exits and slow down appropriately for highway curves. Toggle gated okay.
  3. Keep left/right if the blinker is on.
  4. Does not take exits without blinker
  5. 100% DM, with almost no false positives. 10s-30s wheel timeout to match Tesla.
  6. Navigate on openpilot support
  7. Remove the toggle and make laneless the only option.

openpilot team features:

  1. SNPE++ supporting bigmodel (done)
  2. Autotune working (WIP, I consider the new params learner to be this)
  3. No more hugging (WIP, calibration augmentation in temporal)
  4. 65% max CPU (done, don't regress)
  5. Codebase fully regression tested, including full simulation (TODO)
  6. Ping pong investigation and reduction. Smoother Corolla control.

cloud team features:

  1. No more logentries, replace with Athena. (done)
  2. No more sentry? (decided to keep)
  3. No known UI issues. (done)
  4. Replace offroad with QT (done!)

From openpilot 0.9 - 1.0, we will just be focused on driving up reliability and driving down disengagements for comma two/three users. After 0.9, we don't expect any new functionality needed to get to 1.0