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Welcome to jQuery Mobile Boilerplate

"What do I need in a new jQuery Mobile project?". This project is meant to be a single place for developers to get started using jQuery Mobile. It includes icon files, robots.txt (and human).txt files, as well as an extensive snippets library that developers can use as reference.

Note: The jQuery team has offered two options for CSS file inclusion. If you're planning on using a custom theme then you only need to include

Quick start

Clone the git repo - git clone - or download it

Note: By default, the links to the CSS and JS files are relative.

<script src="js/application.js"></script>


View a simple demo


  • jQuery Mobile 1.4 Compatible!
  • Project ready. Download (or clone) and go!
  • Override files for both JS and CSS
  • Extensive UI element snippet library. Easy to copy and paste.


You are invited to contribute code and suggestions to this project. The more the merrier.

Project Info


3rd party libraries:

  • jQuery: MIT/GPL license
  • jQuery Mobile: MIT/GPL license

Custom bits:

Public domain

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