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LazyLoading Plugin
CakePHP 1.2 Plugin - PHP 5 only

LazyLoaderBehavior - What you need, When you need, The way you want.

Enables easy access to related data through a Lazy Load¹ like interface,
mapping methods named as "get<AssociatedModelName>" or "get_<associated_model_name>",
to fetch related data and return. Can receive a string as first parameter to set the find type² to be 
used in the operation. If the associated model to be used in the operation is related as
"belongsTo" or "hasOne", a boolean TRUE can be passed as first or second param to force method to return
the associated model instance setted with the related record data.
¹ -
² -

Notice that the method requires the Model to be instantiated with an exitant record id, and the
related model to be binded during the process.

Project belongsTo Company
Project hasOne Owner
Project hasMany Task
Project hasAndBelongsToMany User
Projects hasMany FeaturesProblemsAndBugs

$Project->getCompany(); // returns data of the related Company
$Project->getOwner(); // returns data of the related Owner
$Project->getTasks(); // returns related tasks list
$Project->getUsers(); // returns related users list
$Project->getTasks('all'); // returns related tasks data
$Project->getTasks('closed'); // returns related tasks fetched by a Task::find('closed') operation
$Project->getCompany(true); // returns Company model instance setted with related record data
$Project->getTask(); // error as Project has many Task not just one
$Project->get_tasks(); // works too
$Project->get_features_problems_and_bugs(); // works too

Although not recommended can also be through the behavior method:
- notice that it would break extensibility and flexibility of overriding to customization on Model side.


RafaelBandeira <rafaelbandeira3 (at) gmail (dot) com>

Licensed under The MIT License
Redistributions of files must retain the above copyright notice.