Linkable plugin for CakePHP, with LinkableBehavior the ContainableBehavior's ass kicker
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Linkable Plugin
CakePHP Plugin - PHP 5 only

LinkableBehavior. Taking it easy in your DB.

Light-weight approach for data mining on deep relations between models. 
Join tables based on model relations to easily enable right to left find operations.
Can be used as a alternative to the ContainableBehavior:
- On data fetching only in right to left operations,
wich means that in "one to many" relations (hasMany, hasAndBelongsToMany)
should only be used from the "many to one" tables. i.e:
To fetch all Users assigneds to a Project with ProjectAssignment,
$Project->find('all', array('link' => 'User', 'conditions' => 'project_id = 1')) 
 - Won't produce the desired result as data came from users table will be lost.
$User->find('all', array('link' => 'Project', 'conditions' => 'project_id = 1'))
 - Will fetch all users related to the specified project in one query
 - On data mining as a much lighter approach - can reduce 300+ query find operations in one single query with joins; "or your money back!" ;-)
 - Has the 'fields' param enabled to make it easy to replace Containable usage, only change the 'contain' param to 'link'.

RafaelBandeira <rafaelbandeira3 (at) gmail (dot) com>

Licensed under The MIT License
Redistributions of files must retain the above copyright notice.
@version 1.0;