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Mahjong Solitaire for the TI-84 Plus CE
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Mahjong Solitaire

Requires the latest CE C libraries

To install, you will need TI-Connect CE or TILP.
Transfer the C libraries, MAHJONG.8xp, and KYODAI.8xv

Questions? Ask on Cemetech

Running the Kyodai script (not necessary):

You'll need ti83f and python 3.
From the command line, run:

python3 NAME file1.lay file2.lay file3.lay ...

which will produce an appvar called NAME.8xv containing all layouts with the correct number of tiles.

Building from Source:

Building from source is not necessary to run Mahjong - a pre-built copy (MAHJONG.8xp) is included.
You should only build from source if you want to modify the source code of the game.
You will need the CE C toolchain.
From the command line, cd to the directory containing src and run

make gfx

The output program can be found at bin/MAHJONG.8xp.


Thanks to MateoC for creating the C toolchain and putting up with my stupidity.
Tileset inspired by GNOME Mahjongg
Kyodai layouts from
Kyodai layout loading script based off of xmahjongg's


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