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JSON serialization can be used for event and snapshot data.

To enable JSON serialization with the included Commanded.Serialization.JsonSerializer module add poison to your deps

def deps do
  [{:poison, "~> 3.1 or ~> 4.0"}]

The Commanded.Serialization.JsonSerializer module provides an extension point to allow additional decoding of the deserialized value. This can be used for parsing data into valid structures, such as date/time parsing from a string.

The example event below has an implementation of the Commanded.Serialization.JsonDecoder protocol to parse the date into a NaiveDateTime struct.

defmodule ExampleEvent do
  defstruct [:name, :date]

defimpl Commanded.Serialization.JsonDecoder, for: ExampleEvent do
  @doc """
  Parse the date included in the event
  def decode(%ExampleEvent{date: date} = event) do
    %ExampleEvent{event |
      date: NaiveDateTime.from_iso8601!(date)

Poison, a pure Elixir JSON library, is used for the actual serialization. It provides an extension point if you need to manually encode your event by using the Poison.Encoder protocol:

defimpl Poison.Encoder, for: Person do
  def encode(%{name: name, age: age}, options) do
    Poison.Encoder.BitString.encode("#{name} (#{age})", options)

For maximum performance, make sure you @derive [Poison.Encoder] for any struct you plan on encoding.

defmodule ExampleEvent do
  @derive [Poison.Encoder]
  defstruct [:name, :date]

Using an alternative serialization format

You can implement the Commanded.EventStore.Serializer behaviour to use an alternative serialization format if preferred.

Configure your own serializer in config/config.exs for the event store you are using.

  • Elixir EventStore:

    config :eventstore, EventStore.Storage,
      serializer: MyApp.MessagePackSerializer,
      # ...
  • Greg Young's Event Store:

    config :commanded_extreme_adapter,
      serializer: Commanded.Serialization.JsonSerializer,
      # ...

You should not change serialization format once your app has been deployed to production since Commanded will not be able to deserialize any existing events or snapshot data. In this scenario, to change serialization format you would need to also migrate your event store to the new format.