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Include link to latest published Hex package and documentation in README

Add note to README warning that the linked guides follow the `master` branch which may differ from the latest published Hex package.
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@@ -13,8 +13,9 @@ Commanded provides a solid technical foundation for you to build on. It allows y
You can use Commanded with one of the following event stores for persistence:
- [EventStore]( Elixir library, using PostgreSQL for persistence
- [EventStore]( Elixir library using PostgreSQL for persistence
- Greg Young's [Event Store](
- [In-memory event store]( included for test use only.
Please refer to the [CHANGELOG]( for features, bug fixes, and any upgrade advice included for each release.
@@ -24,13 +25,18 @@ Please refer to the [CHANGELOG]( for features, bug fixes, and any u
- [Wiki](
- [Frequently asked questions](
- [Getting help](
- [Latest published Hex package]( & [documentation](
MIT License
[![Build Status](]( [![Join the chat at](](
> This README and the following guides follow the `master` branch which may not be the currently published version.
> [Read the documentation for the latest published version of Commanded on Hex](
### Overview
- [Getting started](guides/

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