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C, Asssembly and B.A.S.I.C. v2 examples for commander-x16

Basic examples are collected from Facebook group

  1. basic - A set of simple example. Start from here
  2. basic-sprite - How to use VERA chip to make a sprite. Needs python3 to convert png to "DATA"
  3. layer demo - More complex demo showing VERA "layers"
  4. cc65-sprite - C-language sprite demo with CC65
  5. petdraw - Petdraw Commander X16 version by David Murray

The tools/ directory contains:

  • - Convert a basic program to binary png calling the emulator. Used internally during release building
  • - A PNG2Sprite converter. Launch with "-h" to get usage examples
  • - Renumber a basic program (.bas) Launch with --help to get usage.
  • - Converts any bin file to a C array
  • requirements.txt - Python requirements for the tools. Use with "pip3 install -r requirements.txt"

How to compile asm files

The Makefile need the acme compiler.

Install the acme compiler from wget and the cc65 toolchain (needed for some files)

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