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Release 1.4
Add support for PostgreSQL 8.4 and 9.0.
Add support for PHP 5.3
Release 1.3.5beta1
Add support for parameter names.
Add support for PostgreSQL 8.3.
Release 1.3.3
Some bug fixes and minor new features:
* Map E_STRICT in PHP errors to WARNING instead of ERROR in PostgreSQL.
* Fixed some memory leaks
* Add support for the "bool" type in return values
* Fixed bugs in argument handling
* Allow column names resembling numbers to be used
Release 1.3.2
PL/php now links against PHP Embed SAPI instead of Apache mod_php. This makes
it much more future-proof against internal PHP changes. The old way of
linking against Apache is gone.
Added "configure" support, to detect the necessary utilities and libraries.
Release 1.3.1
Minor cleanups in the Makefile.
Release 1.2
Adds support for Set-Returning functions, and PostgreSQL 8.0. Lots of code
Release 1.1
What's in the 1.1 release:
- The build system no longer requires the PHP nor PostgreSQL sources.
It uses PGXS, making it all much easier to build compared to the
original 1.0 release.
- Rudimentary SPI support, meaning you can send queries to the server
and get/process the results.
- Trigger support: you can write trigger functions, including the
ability to abort or skip an operation, or modifying the tuple before
- Function validation: PL/php will tell you right away if the function
you are creating has a syntax error, and abort the creation, so no
invalid functions make it into the database.
- You will receive any errors and warnings that PHP generates while
executing your function.
PL/php 1.1 only works with PostgreSQL 8.0 and 8.1. It has been tested
with PHP 4.4.1 only, but it should work with PHP 5 as well.
Differences from the original 1.0 release include:
- Error messages and warnings are passed from PHP to Postgres instead of
being silently dropped.
- No more memory leaks in SPI functions.
- SPI results are now an opaque PHP resource, so it's no longer possible
to crash the server by modifying it.
- Memory handling has been overhauled. There are no known memory leaks.
Huge SPI results can be processed.
- SRF support has been removed. It will be added again in the next
release. The previous version was found to be too buggy and poorly
- A private symbol table is created for each function, which facilitates
the process of releasing memory used by the function. This symbol
table is cleared after each call.