adding sorting ability to bootstrap table
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adding sorting ability to bootstrap table
Current version: 1.6.0

In fact, it can be used for any tables.

Sorting provided by TinySort. Date parsing provided by moment.js.

Available for download with NuGet, search for bootstrap-sortable.
Working demo.

####Dependencies: You should add the provided "moment.js"-Library" or get yourself a copy from

####Basic usage:

Add references to bootstrap-sortable.css and bootstrap-sortable.js to your page. Add class "sortable" to your bootstrap table. HTML table has to be properly formated, using <thead>, <th> and <tbody> elements.

You can disable sorting for a column by using data-defaultsort='disabled' attribute in the <th> element.

When you add table rows or whole table from client side, use $.bootstrapSortable(applyLast) function to add sortability to parts/tables that were not present at document.ready. Use optional paramater applyLast=true if you want to preserve the last used sorting.

After sorting a column, the table triggers an event sorted.

####Sorting direction signs: You can choose the sign that show the sort direcion. Default is the arrow pointing towards the heigher value.

This proved to be contra-intuitive for some, so you can change it to opposite using the second parameter: $.bootstrapSortable(applyLast, 'reversed').

Other possible values are 'az', 'AZ', '_19', 'month'. (See demo to see how it looks.)

####Optional attributes:

You can preset one column to be sorted when table is loaded using data-defaultsort attribute:

<th> Column 1</th>
<th> Column 2</th>
<th data-defaultsort="desc"> Column 3</th>

You can change the value that is used for sorting for each <td> using data-value attribute:

<td data-value="5.45">5,45</td>

You can sort dates, even if they are in different formats. Specify date formats according to moment.js documentation.

<td data-dateformat="YYYY-MM-DD">2013-06-24</td>
<td data-dateformat="DD-MMM-YYYY">26 June 2013</td>

This only works if you include any version of Moment.js. If Moment.Js is not found it will fallback to the usual sorting.