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The mainstay repository is an application that implements the Mainstay protocol designed by CommerceBlock. It consists of a Go daemon that performs attestations of the Ocean network along with client commitments to Bitcoin in the form of a commitment merkle tree.

Mainstay is accompanied by a Confirmation tool that can be run in parallel with the Bitcoin network to confirm attestations and prove the commitment inclusion in Mainstay attestations.



Attestation Service

  • Install Go and the attestation service by following scripts/

  • Setup up database collections and roles using scripts/db-init.js

  • Setup conf.json file under /config by following config guidelines

  • Run service

    • Regtest mode
      • Run service: mainstay -regtest
      • Run signer: go run $GOPATH/src/mainstay/cmd/txsigningtool/txsigningtool.go -regtest
      • Insert commitments to "ClientCommitment" database collection in order to generate new attestations
    • Testnet/Mainnet mode
      • Download and run a full Bitcoin Node on testnet mode, fully indexed and in blocksonly mode.

      • Fund this wallet node, send all the funds to a single (m of n sig) P2SH address and store the TX_HASH, PRIVKEY_x and REDEEM_SCRIPT of this transaction, where x in [0, n-1].

        (In the case of an Ocean-type network the TX_HASH should be included in the genesis block using the config option attestationhash)

      • Follow the same procedure to generate a single (m of n sig) P2SH address used to topup the service and store the TOPUP_ADDRESS, TOPUP_PRIVKEY_x and TOPUP_SCRIPT.

      • Run the mainstay attestation service by:


        Command line parameters should be set in .conf file

      • Run transaction signers of the m-of-n multisig P2SH addresses for x in [0, n-1] by:

        go run $GOPATH/src/mainstay/cmd/txsigningtool/txsigningtool.go -pk PRIVKEY_x -pkTopup TOPUP_PRIVKEY_x -host SIGNER_HOST

        Command line parameters should be set in the corresponding signer .conf file

  • Unit Testing

    • /$GOPATH/src/mainstay/scripts/


Along with the Mainstay daemon there is various tools offered serving utilities for both Mainstay operators and clients of Mainstay. These tools and their functionality are briefly summarized below:

  • Client Confirmation Tool

The confirmation tool cmd/confirmationtool can be used to confirm all the attestations of a client Ocean-type network to Bitcoin and wait for any new attestations that will be happening.

  • Commitment Tool

The commitment tool cmd/commitmenttool can be used to send hash commitments to the Mainstay API.

  • Transaction Signing Tool

The transaction signing tool cmd/txsigningtool is a dummy testing tool for signing multisig attestations.

  • Client Signup Tool

The client signup tool cmd/clientsignuptool can be used to sign up new clients to the Mainstay service.

  • Multisig Tool

The multisig tool cmd/multisigtool can be used to generate multisig scripts and P2SH addresses for Mainstay configuration.

For more information go to tool guidelines.

For example use cases go to docs.


Federated blockchain attestation daemon




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