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The mainstay repository is an application that implements the Mainstay protocol designed by CommerceBlock. It consists of a Go daemon that performs attestations of the Ocean network along with client commitments to Bitcoin in the form of a commitment merkle tree.

Mainstay is accompanied by a Confirmation tool that can be run in parallel with the Bitcoin network to confirm attestations and prove the commitment inclusion in Mainstay attestations.



Attestation Service

  • Install Go and the attestation service by following scripts/

  • Setup up database collections and roles using scripts/db-init.js

  • Setup conf.json file under /config by following config guidelines

  • Run service

    • Regtest mode
      • Run service: mainstay -regtest
      • Run signer: go run $GOPATH/src/mainstay/cmd/txsigningtool/txsigningtool.go -regtest
      • Insert commitments to "ClientCommitment" database collection in order to generate new attestations
    • Testnet/Mainnet mode
      • Download and run a full Bitcoin Node on testnet mode, fully indexed and in blocksonly mode.

      • Fund this wallet node, send all the funds to a single (m of n sig) P2SH address and store the TX_HASH, PRIVKEY_x and REDEEM_SCRIPT of this transaction, where x in [0, n-1].

        (In the case of an Ocean-type network the TX_HASH should be included in the genesis block using the config option attestationhash)

      • Follow the same procedure to generate a single (m of n sig) P2SH address used to topup the service and store the TOPUP_ADDRESS, TOPUP_PRIVKEY_x and TOPUP_SCRIPT.

      • Run the mainstay attestation service by:


        Command line parameters should be set in .conf file

      • Run transaction signers of the m-of-n multisig P2SH addresses for x in [0, n-1] by:

        go run $GOPATH/src/mainstay/cmd/txsigningtool/txsigningtool.go -pk PRIVKEY_x -pkTopup TOPUP_PRIVKEY_x -host SIGNER_HOST

        Command line parameters should be set in the corresponding signer .conf file

  • Unit Testing

    • /$GOPATH/src/mainstay/scripts/


Along with the Mainstay daemon there is various tools offered serving utilities for both Mainstay operators and clients of Mainstay. These tools and their functionality are briefly summarized below:

  • Client Confirmation Tool

The confirmation tool cmd/confirmationtool can be used to confirm all the attestations of a client Ocean-type network to Bitcoin and wait for any new attestations that will be happening.

  • Commitment Tool

The commitment tool cmd/commitmenttool can be used to send hash commitments to the Mainstay API.

  • Transaction Signing Tool

The transaction signing tool cmd/txsigningtool is a dummy testing tool for signing multisig attestations.

  • Client Signup Tool

The client signup tool cmd/clientsignuptool can be used to sign up new clients to the Mainstay service.

  • Multisig Tool

The multisig tool cmd/multisigtool can be used to generate multisig scripts and P2SH addresses for Mainstay configuration.

For more information go to tool guidelines.

For example use cases go to docs.