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Demo for the Ocean network
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Ocean Demo

This is a simple bash script demo for the Ocean network. This demo exhibits block signing by a single node and whitelisting of transactions between a client and a main node. A demonstration of Ocean's advanced protocols is also included written in Python under PROTOCOLS. The following instructions apply for all demos.


  1. Download and install ocean on the same directory as ocean-demo
  2. Download the ocean-explorer and start the node server (npm start)
  3. Clone ocean-demo

Running the demo

Initiate the demo by running:

source ./

To stop all the ocean instances do:


To restart all the ocean instances do (the signblockscript will have to be updated in the script):


The following aliases can be used to perform any command line operations available in the Ocean clients:

  • e-cli (main signing node)
  • e1-cli (client node)
  • ee-cli (block explorer node with wallet disabled)

### Examples

  • Send CBT from the main node to the client node

    e-cli sendtoaddress $(e1-cli getnewaddress) 123

  • Generate block from the signing node


  • Generate block from the client node (not possible will give error)


  • Get the latest block from the explorer node

    ee-cli getblock ($ee-cli getbestblockhash) true

### Whitelisting

The demo includes a demonstration of transaction whitelisting by the main signing node. If a new client were to be added then the following procedure will have to be followed in order for transactions to be accepted in the mempool of the signing node:

  • Client node to dump it's derived keys (pubkey hash of tweaked key)

    e-cli dumpderivedkeys keys

  • Main signing node to add this keys to it's whitelist

    e-cli readwhitelist keys

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