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A tool for inspecting and analysing CBT based blockchains. Blockchain explorer for CommerceBlock networks.
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Ocean Explorer Ocean Explorer

Ocean blockchain explorer using MongoDB. Built with Node.js, express, bootstrap-v4.


  • List of recent blocks
  • Browse blocks by height, in ascending or descending order
  • View block details
  • View transaction details, with navigation "backward" via spent transaction outputs
  • View raw JSON output used to generate most pages
  • Search to directly navigate to transactions or blocks
  • Mempool summary, showing unconfirmed transaction counts by fee level

Getting started


Install Ocean with full transaction indexing enabled. Connect the Ocean node to the CommerceBlock blockchain.

Install MongoDB. Start the mongod daemon.


  1. Clone this repo
  2. npm install to install all required dependencies
  3. Specify connection info for ocean, mongo and attestation API in env.js
  4. Sync the database with the blockchain by running the script scripts/dbbuilder.js
    • Run using scripts/dbbuilder.js init clear
      • Clear all collections/indices
      • Load all blockchain data from genesis block to latest block
    • Run using scripts/dbbuilder.js init
      • Find latest block stored from the Block collection
      • Continue loading blockchain data up to latest block
      • To be used in case initial loading failed and need to continue from where it stopped
    • Run using scripts/dbbuilder.js check
      • Go through all data from genesis block to latest block and store anything that is missing
    • Run using scripts/dbbuilder.js update
      • Find latest block stored from the Info collection
      • Load latest blockchain data
      • To be used for quick periodic updates as it assumes that Info/Block are up to date
  5. npm start to start the local server
  6. Navigate to
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