Chicago Public Library Digital Learn
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A Public Library Association curated collection of course materials to be used for in-person digital literacy courses, online trainings on developing courses and content, and a community of practice for digital literacy trainers.


Please ask before opening a pull to add features, as we must weigh the impact against current implementations of this code base.

That said, if you find a bug, please do open an issue!

Getting Started

DigitalLearn is built on top of Ruby on Rails. A basic understanding of working with Rails is required to stand up a new DigitalLearn site.


  • Ruby 2.2.3
  • Rails
  • Postgresql v 9.4.5

Update Secrets

  • Update secrets.yml with your values

Database Creation

  • Update database.yml.example with your credentials
  • Run rake db:create db:migrate db:seed

Install Gems

  • bundle install

Start Server

  • rails s

Adding a new Subsite

Necessary information

  • New organization name (ex/ "East Baton Rouge Public Library")
  • Subdomain name (ex/ "ebrpl")
  • New organization url (ex/ "")
  • Branch information
  • Program information
  • Header logo (full color)
  • Footer logo (white & transparent)
  • Google analytics ID
  • Various site texts in English and Spanish
    • Banner Greeting
    • Subheader text (user dashboard)
    • (optional) Retake quiz prompt

Prior to deploy

  • Create necessary color variables in _vars.scss:

    $new_subdomain-blue: #2C3590;
    $new_subdomain-light-blue: #147BBA;
    $new_subdomain-gray: #716C6B;
  • Create a new file for the subsite styles in assets/stylesheets/subdomains/. This file should define a class which matches your new subdomain (ex/ .new_subdomain {...} for This class should include 6 SASS mixins for different application components:

    • color_scheme The main color scheme options for headings, links and colored text.
    • banner Banner background & text colors and font sizes (if specified)
    • buttons Defines background and text color for buttons
    • course_widget Course widget boxes
    • lesson_block Lesson widget boxes, including arrow and check icon colors
    • icons All other site icons

    These components each take several color parameters, for which you'll use the colors defined for the new subsite in _vars.scss.

  • Add new subsite assets to images.

    • new_subdomain_logo_black.png Main header logo
    • new_subdomain_logo_white.png Footer logo
  • Add a new when clause to the soul-sucking case statement in _logo_footer.html.erb to render the appropriate footer logo for the new subsite:

    <% when 'new_subdomain' %>
      <%= link_to "[library home page url]", target: "_blank" do %>
        <%= image_tag "new_subdomain_logo_white", class: "medium-logo link-new_subdomain" %>
      <% end %>
    <% else %>

    Note: The link-new_subdomain class is necessary for tracking outbound traffic to the Library's home page with Google Analytics

  • Add YAML entries for custom copy in BOTH en.yml and es.yml (translated)

    • en/home/new_subdomain/custom_banner_greeting Custom banner greeting text
    • en/home/new_subdomain/logo_banner_html Additional banner greeting content
    • en/home/choose_a_course/new_subdomain User dashboard subheader
    • en/completed_courses_page/new_sbudomain/retake_the_quiz Retake quiz prompt (usually just 'Retake the Quiz' unless otherwise specified)
    • en/my_courses_page/new_subdomain/course_color_explaination (misspelled key in yaml file) Explanation of course colors - courses to be completed are displayed with the colors passed to the course_widget SASS mixin in the _new_subdomain.scss class. Completed courses are displayed in Gray by default. This sentence usually ends with the prompt "To add more to your plan,"
  • Create google analytics javascript partial in views/shared/ as _ga_new_subdomain.html.erb. Use one of the existing GA files as a guide. Simply replace the analytics ID with the appropriate ID for the new subdomain:

    ga('create', 'new_analytics_id', 'auto', {
      userId: userGaId
  • Add an entry to views/shared/ga_event_tracking.html.erb to track outgoing links to the new library's home page:

    $("footer").on("click", ".link-new_subdomain", function(){
      ga("send", "event", "external link", "click", "New Library Name");
  • Create organization to test/adjust subsite styles:

    Organization.create(name: "New Library", subdomain: "new_subdomain", branches: true, accepts_programs: false)

    Notes: Set branches to false if subsite doesn't require branch specification on login. Set accepts_programs to false unless the new subsite requires program information on login.

After deploy

  • Create the new organization on appropriate environment(s).
    • Branches and programs can be managed through the Admin UI