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Store template for subscription based ecommerce business model
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commercetools Donut Store

Build Status Heroku

This is not a real donut store. This is a free template for subscription ecommerce sites and it's built on top of the APIs of commercetools platform, Pactas and Paymill.

This template is based on the SPHERE JVM SDK. If you are looking for a regular web-shop template using the SPHERE JVM SDK, please have a look at Sunrise instead.

Live demo

Visit a live demo of SPHERE-DONUT store at

Getting started

Set it up

Product import

There is a flag named fixtures.import.enabled in the configuration file conf/application.conf, which allows an initial import of the required JSON-based product model into the commercetools-platform. After a successful initial import, this flag can be set to false to improve the startup time of the application.

If you don't perform an initial import, you have to provide the product model (see conf/data) in your platform project, or the application will raise a ProductNotFoundException on application startup.

Configure it


  • Point to SPHERE Login or register a new account with SPHERE Signup.
  • Go to Developers -> API Clients to retrieve your project data. API Backend
  • To use your SPHERE.IO project, modify sphere.project, sphere.clientId and sphere.clientSecret in conf/application.conf.

More about the ecommerce PaaS SPHERE.IO at

Pactas keys

  • Login to the Pactas sandbox or create a new Pactas sandbox account.
  • Go to Settings -> Pactas Apps -> My Apps and create a new OAuth client. Make sure to select "Confidential" for the client type. PactasAppRegister
  • Copy the newly created client id and secret to pactas.clientId and pactas.clientSecret in conf/application.conf.

More about recurring billing with Pactas at


  • Register at PAYMILL to get the (test) API keys.
  • Go to PAYMILL Dashboard -> Development -> API keys to retrieve your keys.
  • In your Pactas backend, head to Settings -> Payment Settings -> Payment Providers and edit the Paymill settings. Enter your public and private PAYMILL keys and hit 'Save'. PactasPaymill

More information about doing payments with PAYMILL at

Deploy it


To run this SPHERE.IO example web shop on heroku just click the button:


Develop it

  • Install your favourite IDE (preferably IntelliJ, Eclipse or Netbeans).
  • Import the project into your chosen IDE, following these instructions.
  • Run sbt clean test command in root project directory for compiling and testing it.

This app is a Play Framework app and uses the SPHERE JVM SDK.

Have fun!

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