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Everything related to the Node.js ecosystem for the commercetools platform.
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commercetools logo Node.js commercetools ecosystem.

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The commercetools nodejs repo is managed as a monorepo and contains different npm packages.




Package Version Dependencies
sdk-auth sdk-auth Version sdk-auth Dependencies Status
sdk-client sdk-client Version sdk-client Dependencies Status
sdk-middleware-auth sdk-middleware-auth Version sdk-middleware-auth Dependencies Status
sdk-middleware-http sdk-middleware-http Version sdk-middleware-http Dependencies Status
sdk-middleware-logger sdk-middleware-logger Version sdk-middleware-logger Dependencies Status
sdk-middleware-queue sdk-middleware-queue Version sdk-middleware-queue Dependencies Status
sdk-middleware-user-agent sdk-middleware-user-agent Version sdk-middleware-user-agent Dependencies Status

CLI tools

Package Version Dependencies
category-exporter category-exporter Version category-exporter Dependencies Status
csv-parser-discount-code csv-parser-discount-code Version csv-parser-discount-code Dependencies Status
csv-parser-orders csv-parser-orders Version csv-parser-orders Dependencies Status
csv-parser-price csv-parser-price Version csv-parser-price Dependencies Status
csv-parser-state csv-parser-state Version csv-parser-state Dependencies Status
custom-objects-exporter custom-objects-exporter Version custom-objects-exporter Dependencies Status
custom-objects-importer custom-objects-importer Version custom-objects-importer Dependencies Status
customer-groups-exporter customer-groups-exporter Version customer-groups-exporter Dependencies Status
personal-data-erasure personal-data-erasure Version personal-data-erasure Dependencies Status
discount-code-exporter discount-code-exporter Version discount-code-exporter Dependencies Status
discount-code-generator discount-code-generator Version discount-code-generator Dependencies Status
discount-code-importer discount-code-importer Version discount-code-importer Dependencies Status
inventories-exporter inventories-exporter Version inventories-exporter Dependencies Status
price-exporter price-exporter Version price-exporter Dependencies Status
product-exporter product-exporter Version product-exporter Dependencies Status
product-json-to-csv product-json-to-csv Version product-json-to-csv Dependencies Status
state-importer state-importer Version state-importer Dependencies Status


Package Version Dependencies
api-request-builder api-request-builder Version api-request-builder Dependencies Status
sync-actions sync-actions Version sync-actions Dependencies Status


We'd love to have your helping hand on this ecosystem! Please see for more information on our guidelines. We also have a TODO list that may contain various tasks in addition to the issues list.

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