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A repository containing all cabal files, with added metadata for package hashes
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A repository containing all of the cabal files for all public Haskell packages

The contents are stored on the hackage branch and are updated every 30 minutes. This repository likely isn't going to be directly useful for you; instead, please check out the stackage-update repo.

Note that this repository is almost identical to all-cabal-files. However, this repository accompanies each of the cabal files downloaded from Hackage with a JSON file containing a number of extra metadata fields useful for verifying authenticity of packages, namely:

  • package-hashes, which contains a number of different hashes (i.e. using different algorithms) applied to the package tarball
  • package-locations, providing a set of download URLs
  • package-size, giving the byte count of the tarball (to avoid infinite data attacks)

This repository is designed to be compatible with the Git backed Hackage index signing and distribution proposal.

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