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The commercial Haskell group is a special interest group for companies and individuals interested in commercial usage of Haskell. It is composed primarily of three different things:

  • A mailing list for discussions
  • A wiki to write down more concrete ideas after discussing them on the mailing list
  • A Github organization for sharing and collaborating on code

The primary purpose here is to foster discussion and encourage collaboration. This group is currently just starting, and many aspects of its purpose and workflows are yet to be decided. We strongly encourage everyone interested to get involved now and be part of making this group a success. Some concrete goals for this group include:

  • Improve the quality of open source Haskell tooling and libraries to meet commercial requirements.
  • Broaden the library coverage provided by the open source Haskell world.
  • Increase documentation in the Haskell ecosystem, including both API docs (Haddocks) and tutorials/cookbooks.
  • Identify obstacles to Haskell adoption and devise strategies and roadmaps to overcome them.
  • Share information on requirements so that open-source contributors can focus their contributions in areas of greatest need or opportunity
  • Publicize Haskell successes (and available tools/solutions) both inside and outside the Haskell community


  • Question: How is this different from the Industrial Haskell User Group (IHG)?
  • Answer: To join the IHG you pay and that's joining into a pool of work which gets done. This model is good because it guarantees that things will get accomplished, but it also has its limitations. Commercial Haskell is free and has no paid for pool of work. Companies must figure out how they want to collaborate to accomplish common interests. The two groups are largely complementary, and companies are encouraged to join both.


The following is a list of members of the group. Everyone is welcome to be part of the mailing list and participate in the Wiki. If you'd like to join more officially, please send a pull request adding yourself or your company in the list below. There are no requirements - financial or otherwise - on members of the group. But you should be using Haskell in a commercial/industrial setting, interested in doing so, or interested in helping those who are.

(Please try to keep the lists in alphabetical order.)


  • Anchor
  • Applikativ
  • Assertible
  • Borders
  • Beautiful Destinations
  • ByteAlly
  • Capital Match
  • ChaosGroup
  • Chordify
  • CircuitHub
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • DigitalX
  • Elsen
  • Extensibl
  • Facebook
  • Fairy Tale - Artificial General Intelligence Solutions
  • Formal Land
  • FP Complete
  • FPInsight
  • Front Row Education
  • Helium Systems
  • Hooky, Inc
  • Infinipool
  • Iris Connect
  • Keera Studios
  • Kite & Lightning
  • LexisNexis Risk Solutions
  • Lindenbaum
  • Lumi Guide
  • Madriska Inc.
  • Microsoft
  • Midroll
  • MyFansDemand
  • Picus Security
  • Pivot Cloud
  • Prezi
  • Rheo Systems
  • Scoompa
  • Scrive
  • Scyfy Technologies
  • Silk
  • SimplyRETS
  • Soostone
  • Stack Builders
  • Standard Chartered
  • Stitcher
  • Suite Solutions
  • SumAll
  • Swift Navigation
  • Systor Vest
  • thoughtbot
  • Tsuru Capital
  • Turing Jump
  • Tweag I/O
  • UpHere
  • VaryWell
  • Vengit Kft.
  • Virtual Forge
  • Wagon
  • Wellposed
  • Well-Typed
  • WhiteCity Code


  • Adam Bergmark
  • Adam Foltzer
  • Adam Gundry
  • Aistis Raulinaitis
  • Alex Babkin
  • Alex Lang
  • Alexander Abushkevich
  • Alexander Thiemann
  • Alexandr Kurilin
  • Alfredo Di Napoli
  • Alp Mestanogullari
  • Andor Penzes
  • Andres Löh
  • Andy Gill
  • Arnaud Bailly
  • Augusto Dias
  • Aycan iRiCAN
  • Bas de Haas
  • Bas van Dijk
  • Ben Ford
  • Ben Moseley
  • Ben Sherman
  • Bert Añasco
  • Bill Laboon
  • Blake Rain
  • Brad Ediger
  • Bryan Richter
  • Carter Schonwald
  • Charles Cooper
  • Chris Allen
  • Chris Done
  • Chris Dornan
  • Christopher Armstrong
  • Christopher Reichert
  • Cody Reichert
  • Colin King
  • Daniel Vigovszky
  • Daniel YU
  • David Johnson
  • Denis Kasak
  • Denis Shevchenko
  • Dennis J. McWherter, Jr.
  • Duncan Coutts
  • Edward Haigh
  • Edward Kmett
  • Emanuel Borsboom
  • Eric Fode
  • Erik Hesselink
  • Ethan Glasser-Camp
  • Fábián Tamás László
  • Fergus Noble
  • Finn Espen Gundersen
  • Flavio Villanustre
  • Franklin Chen
  • Fuzz Leonard
  • Giovanni Cappellotto
  • Greg Weber
  • Greg Wiley
  • Harendra Kumar
  • Ian Graves
  • Ian-Woo Kim
  • Ilya Zubkov
  • Ivan Perez
  • Jared Tobin
  • Jason Hickner
  • Jasper Van der Jeugt
  • Jesus Gonzalez
  • Jon Sterling
  • José Pedro Magalhães
  • Julian Arni
  • Junji Hashimoto
  • Jürgen Keck
  • Junyoung Clare Jang
  • JP Smith
  • Kwang Yul Seo
  • Kyle Marek-Spartz
  • Liyang HU
  • Luke Hoersten
  • Luke Iannini
  • Manuel Chakravarty
  • Mark Daly
  • Mathieu Boespflug
  • Matt DeLand
  • Mattias Lundell
  • Michael Baikov
  • Michael Boone
  • Michael Gilliland
  • Michael Snoyman
  • Michael Steele
  • Mike Craig
  • Mikkel Christiansen
  • Moritz Angermann
  • Neil Bartlett
  • Neil Mitchell
  • Nikita Karetnikov
  • Niklas Hambüchen
  • Nikos Baxevanis
  • Njagi Mwaniki
  • Noon van der Silk
  • Oleg Grenrus
  • Ozgun Ataman
  • Pat Brisbin
  • Patrick Flor
  • Patrick Mylund Nielsen
  • Pawel Stasiak
  • Pedro Rodrigues
  • Philipp Kant
  • Ray Qiu
  • Rehno Lindeque
  • Rémi Vion
  • Remy Goldschmidt
  • Renzo Carbonara
  • Revence Kalibwani
  • Rick Owens
  • Roel van Dijk
  • Rui Azevedo
  • Ryan Booker
  • Sahil Kharb
  • Sharif Olorin
  • Sibi Prabakaran
  • Simon Marlow
  • Stephen Diehl
  • Steven Shaw
  • Theunis Kotze
  • Thierry Bourrillon
  • Tim Adams
  • Toby Goodwin
  • Tristan Webb
  • Vincent Hanquez
  • Willem van den Ende
  • Yitz Gale


A special interest group for companies and individuals interested in commercial usage of Haskell






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