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Haskell for Devops

This page is for collecting information and collaborating on the general idea that Haskell is a great tool for devops. The original mailing list thread covers a lot of information, but hopefully the following points will be a good summary:

  • Devops is a broad term that can mean many different things. We're going to adopt the following definition provided by Arnaud Bailly:

    The essence of DevOps as I think Patrick Debois has explained it for years is exactly to be sure there is NO separation between the two areas you are mentioning, viewing the Development to Operations as a continuum.

    This covers things from config management, to CI systems, to web services.

  • Haskell's ability to write low-runtime-dependency, high performance applications using its wide array of composable libraries makes it appealing for putting together various devops services.

  • Haskell plays nicely with existing devops tools like Docker and Ansible, as demonstrated by how people in the Commercial Haskell Special Interest Group are using Haskell.

Please feel free to expand on this.

Projects for collaboration

To be filled in

Blog posts

As people in the SIG write up information, please link to it from here

Ideal Haskell Devops Stack

These are not all written in haskell.

  • Build Pipeline
    • Build/Task: Shake
    • Continuous Integration Test: Bake
    • Container Packaging: docker-hs?
    • Application Packaging: ?
    • Deploy: Propellor
  • Stack Creation
    • Provisioning (Creation of compute resources): Propellor
    • Configuration ( Compute -> ConfigState -> ConfiguredInstance ): Propellor
    • Consolidated Configuration State Management (How to see all the things configured): ?
  • Stack Managment
    • Runtime Control / Remote Execution (How to change state after the stack has been deployed, salt does this): ?
  • Monitoring
    • System Monitoring: ?
    • Application Monitoring: EKG
    • Metrics Consolidation: Riemann?
    • Log Collection: ?
    • Log Aggregation: ?
    • Log Archiving: ?
    • Long Term Log Analysis:
    • Real Time Log Analysis: Riemann?
    • Alerting

Ideas for future content

  • Propellor
  • Shake
  • Bake
  • Bouncy
  • wai-crowd
  • angel
  • List of integrations that are avalible to haskell (ala. chef, puppet, docker-api...)


  • haskell-scratch, a minimal Docker image containing some necessary shared libraries for shipping GHC-compiled applications