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Backend features

It's basically GHCi plus extra features. Those are:


Use stack build (not install) for each of your package sets. Each LTS or nightly should have a separate stack build. If you use stack install you will run into incompatibility issues between package sets.


$ stack build intero

From source:

$ git clone
$ cd intero
$ stack build intero

If your project's stack.yaml has extra-deps that include upgraded versions of any of the packages that GHC depends on, then intero will not build there. Instead, build intero in a different directory:

$ pushd /tmp
$ stack --resolver lts-10.7 build --copy-compiler-tool intero
$ popd


To run it plainly use:

$ stack exec intero

You'll have to run stack build intero within each separate LTS version you use, this ensures that the intero you launch correctly matches the GHC version that you're working with.

To load up your stack project use:

$ stack ghci --with-ghc intero


$ cabal repl --with-ghc intero