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Stack Templates

The stack new command will create a new project based on a project template. Templates can be located on the local filesystem; Github, GitLab or Bitbucket repositories; or arbitrary URLs.

Stack allows any GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket repository named stack-templates to provide project templates for Stack. For example, a template file at username/stack-templates/my-template.hsfiles on GitHub can be identified as username/my-template when using stack new. The relevant service can be specified by prefixing github: (the default), gitlab: or bitbucket:.

For more information, please see the user guide:

There are many project templates available at commercialhaskell/stack-templates on GitHub (the default repository) or other locations. Some simple examples:

stack new myproj # uses the default template (new-template)
stack new myproj2 rio # uses the rio template at the default repository
stack new website yesodweb/sqlite # Yesod server with SQLite DB

For more information and other project templates, please see the stack-templates Wiki:

Please feel free to add information about your own project templates to that Wiki for discoverability.

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