user interface/accessibility features: Please revert (color) pretty-printing of errors #2725

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Version 1.2.0 introduces pretty-printing of dependency resolution errors (#1912). This is unsuitable for users who may have vision impairment issues, and who have set their terminal colors to meet their own needs.

Please revert the change, or provide the option to disable colored output. (Such an option is standard for most command-line software; a flag like "--color={never,always,auto}" is provided for even basic command utilities like "ls" and "grep".)

Steps to reproduce

Attempt to build any project with dependencies not found in the snapshot.


Displays errors in color.


Displays errors in color.

Method of installation

  • Official binary, downloaded from or fpcomplete's package repository
mgsloan commented Oct 22, 2016 edited

Thanks for bringing up the issue, certainly an oversight. I think we should definitely provide a --color flag as described. We are only going to be adding more usage of color.

Perhaps it is possible to disable color in the terminal in general? This would be a way for vision impaired folks to not need to provide such flags.

mgsloan commented Oct 24, 2016

This is now implemented as described! --color never can now be passed to stack.

@mgsloan mgsloan closed this Oct 24, 2016

Many thanks :)
    In response to the previous comment - yes, it's possible to disable colour in a terminal completely, but that means you can't make use of any useful color schemes you have set up. And what's useful for one sort of vision impairment (e.g. red-green colour blindness) may not be useful for another (e.g. yellow-blue colour blindness - tritanopia). But a general --color never flag is great, cheers!

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