@borsboom borsboom released this Dec 23, 2017

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See https://haskellstack.org for installation and upgrade instructions.


  • In addition to supporting .tar.gz and .zip files as remote archives,
    plain .tar files are now accepted too. This will additionally help with
    cases where HTTP servers mistakenly set the transfer encoding to gzip. See
  • Links to docs.haskellstack.org ignore Stack version patchlevel.
  • Downloading Docker-compatible stack binary ignores Stack version patchlevel.

Bug fixes:

  • For versions of Cabal before 1.24, ensure that the dependencies of
    non-buildable components are part of the build plan to work around an old
    Cabal bug. See #3631.
  • Run the Cabal file checking in the sdist command more reliably by
    allowing the Cabal library to flatten the
    GenericPackageDescription itself.