@borsboom borsboom released this Apr 16, 2018

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First release candidate for v1.7.1

Release notes:

  • aarch64 (64-bit ARM) bindists are now available for the first time.
  • Statically linked Linux bindists are no longer available, due to difficulty with GHC 8.2.2 on Alpine Linux.
  • 32-bit Linux GMP4 bindists for CentOS 6 are no longer available, since GHC 8.2.2 is no longer being built for that platform.

Major changes:

  • Upgrade from Cabal 2.0 to Cabal 2.2

Behavior changes:

  • stack setup no longer uses different GHC configure options on Linux
    distributions that use GCC with PIE enabled by default. GHC detects
    this itself since ghc-8.0.2, and Stack's attempted workaround for older
    versions caused more problems than it solved.

  • stack new no longer initializes a project if the project template contains
    a stack.yaml file.

Other enhancements:

  • A new sub command ls has been introduced to stack to view
    local and remote snapshots present in the system. Use stack ls snapshots --help to get more details about it.
  • list-dependencies has been deprecated. The functionality has
    to accessed through the new ls dependencies interface. See
    for details.
  • Specify User-Agent HTTP request header on every HTTP request.
    See #3628 for details.
  • stack setup looks for GHC bindists and installations by any OS key
    that is compatible (rather than only checking a single one). This is
    relevant on Linux where different distributions may have different
    combinations of libtinfo 5/6, ncurses 5/6, and gmp 4/5, and will allow
    simpifying the setup-info metadata YAML for future GHC releases.
  • The build progress bar reports names of packages currently building.
  • stack setup --verbose causes verbose output of GHC configure process.
    See #3716
  • Improve the error message when an extra-dep from a path or git reference can't be found
    See #3808
  • Nix integration is now disabled on windows even if explicitly enabled,
    since it isn't supported. See
  • stack build now supports a new flag --keep-tmp-files to retain intermediate
    files and directories for the purpose of debugging.
    It is best used with ghc's equivalent flag,
    i.e. stack build --keep-tmp-files --ghc-options=-keep-tmp-files.
    See #3857
  • Improved error messages for snapshot parse exceptions

Bug fixes:

  • The script interpreter's implicit file arguments are now passed before other
    arguments. See #3658.
    In particular, this makes it possible to pass -- +RTS ... -RTS to specify
    RTS arguments used when running the script.
  • Don't ignore the template year parameter in config files, and clarify the
    surrounding documentation. See
  • Benchmarks used to be run concurrently with other benchmarks
    and build steps. This is non-ideal because CPU usage of other processes
    may interfere with benchmarks. It also prevented benchmark output from
    being displayed by default. This is now fixed. See
  • stack ghci now allows loading multiple packages with the same
    module name, as long as they have the same filepath. See
  • stack ghci no longer always adds a dependency on base. It is
    now only added when there are no local targets. This allows it to
    be to load code that uses replacements for base. See
  • stack ghci now uses correct paths for autogen files with