Build fpco/stack-build Docker images. This script and its Dockerfiles are used for building images for LTS >= 8.0.


./ [--push] [--dry-run] lts-X.Y|lts-X|lts]"


--help: show this help

--push: push the image after building/tagging it

--dry-run: print the important commands that will be run, but don't actually run them


If you specify and exact LTS version, that image will be built. If you only specify the major version, then an image for the latest minor version for that major version will be built. If you specify 'lts', an image for the latest LTS snapshot is built.

This searches for a Dockerfile for the selected snapshot in lts-X.Y/Dockerfile, and if one isn't found reuses the same image as built the most recent lts-X.Y/Dockerfile found for earlier minor versions of the same major version.