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James Sully edited this page Mar 13, 2021 · 16 revisions

This page collects wishlist items people would like to see implemented in Stack. Feel free to add items below.

NOTE This page is a bit of an experiment. If it turns out to be too unmanageable keeping the wishlist in a Wiki, we may elect to move to a document inside the repo in the future.

  • stack rm command
  • Store "stack-path" files in directories that have been shortened with SHAs #1173
  • Stack cmd to produce docset(s) for or #491
  • stack init should use a user configurable snapshot setting as a default #1590
  • Support cabal.project files #4571
  • Pass --depth 1 to git #4345
  • Feature request: Option to make a compiler available for all users #3935
  • build GHC from source if bindist not available #4637
  • "mingw" top-level field in YAML similar to "nix" #3933
  • Enable copying test binaries to a canonical location #4654
  • Follow the XDG Base Directory Specification #4243
  • Add stack build --prefix option: a post-build step that rebuilds the targets with a cabal configure --prefix= option in a separate dist directory #848
  • Show progress for downloading index #4064
  • stack upload for package candidates #5032