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  • This style is written only to work with ccd'0s 4chanX fork.

  • This style currently only works on firefox.

  • Big thanks to [mudanaku] 2 for updating and fixing this style.

  • To get the board links to display properly, use the custom navigation found in the advanced section of the settings. Click [here] 3 for an example.

  • Toggle the sidebar by toggling header auto-hide (Default keybind is shift + h).

  • Click "掲示板" to open the full board list.

  • Click "見てのスレッド" to open the thread watcher menu.

  • Press 'Q' to open quick reply.


  • Install [ccd0's 4chanX] 1 userscript.
  • Install the [Stylish] 6 extension.
  • Navigate to the userstyles section of the [Addons] 4 page.
  • Click on "Write New Style", give it a name, and paste the CSS there.
  • Go into your 4chan X settings.
  • Turn ON 'Catalog Links'
  • Turn OFF 'Persistent QR', 'Thread Hiding Buttons', and 'Reply Hiding Buttons'
  • OPTIONAL: Turn ON 'Relative Post Dates' and Turn OFF 'Relative Date Title'
  • I'm not sure if there are any other settings needed for it to look right, so my settings are [here] 5.
  • Not necessary but [Source Han Sans] 7 is a great Japanese font, but if you don't have it installed this style will fall back to Meiryou


Accent Color:
  • Go to line 15
  • Replace #cb073c with another hexdecimal color to change the accent color.
Header Image:


This style also comes with the added feature of checking dubs. When someone's post number ends in repeating intergers, a checkmark will be added behind it to notify you of this. If this funcionality bothers you, it can be disabled by commenting out all lines from 1680 to 1730.