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Commitmas 2: A Month of Merriment

We're back for 2015!

Holiday octocat

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. The Challenge
  3. Commit to Your Skill Level
  4. Resources
  5. Projects


Tis the holiday season again, where we relax at home, eat loads of good food and spin driedels. This year, let's keep learning all the great stuff learned during the vBrownBag DevOps sessions.

The Challenge

Push yourself to use GitHub everyday throughout the holiday season so that by 2016 you're ready to share your next project. Here's how:

  1. Schedule time in your calendar for gitting in shape everyday for 30 days between December 1st - January 1st
  2. Choose your skill level: Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert
  3. Follow the directions under your skill level!
  4. Fork this repository to show that you're participating!

That's it! If you get stuck or just want to chat with others, be sure to tweet with the hashtag #vBrownBag or on the Geek Speak Slack Channel in the #learn-github channel. We'll be out there to help.

Note: The Slack link doesn't always load due to using Heroku free tier. If you want a faster response, ping Rob on Twitter.

We're also recording training daily throughout December. You can register to be notified of #vBrownBag events at

Recordings are currently available on YouTube in our Commitmas Playlist and will be available soon in iTunes

vBrownBag Commitmas Schedule

Commit to Your Skill Level

We all have different level of expertise when it comes to GitHub. Here are a few options based on your comfort level. Remember: focus on learning how git works and let the other topics follow.

##Beginner You're a beginner if: You're new enough to git that just the act of using it daily will be a lot of learning.


  • Create a GitHub account.
  • Setup Git.
  • Initialize your own new repository with a
  • Clone your repository to your local development system.

Your challenge:

Helpful hints:

  • Remember that the goal of this is to learn how to use GitHub, so focus on git, not other code you'd also like to learn.
  • Feel free to use the GitHub website, native apps or command line. Watch this vBB on GitHub to help you along.
  • Markdown is awesomely powerful, so challenge yourself to use some of the more complex syntax. You can learn it all here.

##Intermediate You're at an intermediate level if: You're comfortable with the basics of using git, have lurked around on GitHub but never contributed to a project.


  • Fork an interesting repository that you want to contribute to.
  • Clone your repository to your local development system.
  • Create a new branch to develop in.

Your challenge:

  • Update the repository's Master branch every single day in some way.
  • On your new branch, work on a meaningful contribution to your fork of the repository.
  • Add meaningful comments to your commits when you commit on both branches.
  • Open a Pull Request on the original repository from your new branch by the end of the 30 days of Commitmas!
  • Learn how to use git rebase.

Helpful hints:

  • Remember, documentation is code too (especially when using Markdown)! Find a project you want to support by improving documentation. Fork it and then make your contributions during this challenge.

##Expert You're an expert if: You've managed multiple contributor repositories before, have more than 5 pull request accepted, and want to join in Commitmas to really push yourself.


  • You've done this a few times, we don't need to tell you how!

Your challenge:

  • Open a new Pull Request on open source repositories you use every single day for the 30 days of Commitmas! Don't forget to help out your beginner and intermediate level friends!

Helpful hints:

  • You really don't need any, but if you complete this challenge, please tell me (@mjbrender) and I'll definitely buy you a beer.



These projects are soliciting pull requests through Commitmas and will be kind to new users without lots of questions along the way. Give back as part of Commitmas by opening Issues & PRs to any of them!