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Tool to check that commits comply with conventional commit standard
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Go Report Card Build Status Conventional Commits

Tool to make sure your commits are compliant with conventional commits. It is aimed mainly at CIs to prevent branches with commits that don't comply. Usage as a pre-commit hook is also under consideration.

Table of contents

  1. Usage


Commitsar is shipped as a Dockerfile. This is the easiest way to add it to your CI.

Important: Commitsar currently needs to be run in the same folder as the git repository you want checked, currently no override is provided for setting path to git repo see

Github action

Checkout git in order to get commits and master branch

- name: Check out code into the Go module directory
        uses: actions/checkout@v1

Run the Commitsar action

- name: Commitsar Action
  uses: docker://commitsar/commitsar:latest
Example for CircleCI:
	      - image: commitsar/commitsar
	      - checkout
	      - run: commitsar
From binary

Adjust for version and distribution. Please check Releases.

- curl -L -O
- tar -xzf commitsar_v0.0.2_Linux_x86_64.tar.gz
- ./commitsar
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