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  — a.k.a. The I-Will System

CircleCI codecov Maintainability Test Coverage

Start with the Functional Spec which also gives the backstory for this project.

Development Setup

Follow the steps below. Please make a pull request if any of this isn't super straightforward or you need to do additional steps to get up and running!

Set Up The Database

Install Postgres

Environment Command
macOS brew install postgresql
Linux sudo apt install postgresql

Start Postgres


Start it with running either brew services start postgresql to have it as a background service that will restart if you reboot or pg_ctl -D /usr/local/var/postgres start to start it just once.


Start it with the command sudo service postgresql start to have it run as a background service that will restart if you reboot or sudo -u postgres /usr/lib/postgresql/10/bin/pg_ctl -D /var/lib/postgresql/10/main -l logfile start which runs the script as the automatically created PostgreSQL user account to start it just once.

Confirm that postgresql is running on localhost:5432. If you run pg_isready you should see /tmp:5432 - accepting connections.

Create Database

Run the following to create a user and a database. If prompted for a password, use the password iwill.

createuser -P iwill
createdb -O iwill commitsto
sudo -u postgres createuser -P iwill
sudo -u postgres createdb -O iwill commitsto

Install Dependencies

2.1 Install Node 8.x LTS with the binary or installer or by using a package manager.

Create Environment File

Create a .env file in the root of the project directory with the following contents, replacing <yourname> with your name:



Run The Application

If you are running the app for the first time, or have recently pulled changes, you should run npm install

Start each process in a separate terminal pane

  • Build server in watch mode: npm run dev:build:server
  • Build client in watch mode: npm run dev:build:client
  • Start server: npm run dev:server

Try The App

Just navigate to localhost:5000/


If you have problems connecting to the application via your browser, check that you have made the necessary changes to the /etc/hosts file for the subdomain you are using.
You may also need to flush the DNS cache to ensure those changes are recognized.


On Ubuntu, you can use the name service cache daemon (nscd) to flush the DNS cache.

sudo apt-get install nscd
sudo service nscd restart

On MacOS, the command to flush the DNS cache will depend on your exact OS level. See How To Clear Your DNS Cache for detailed recommendations by OS version.


Run Mocha tests with npm test.

Writing tests

We're using the Chai assertion library and Sinon for spying/stubbing. You can run tests in watch mode to get results nearly instantly on save with npm run test:watch

Structuring tests

The structure and naming inside the test/ folder should mirror the root structure and file names. Writing code with well-contained classes or functions will be the most straightforward to unit test.


Automatic Heroku Deployment

Environment Branch Domain
Staging master
Production production

Issue Tracking

Issue tracking labels follow the Beeminder Label Ontology. The following abbreviations, acronyms, and amusing shorthands are employed in service of bug zapping and feature enhancing:

Open Labels

Label Meaning
BUG Opposite of feature
RFE Request For Enhancement, aka feature request
UVI User-Visible Improvement
STY Style/polish/CSS, or think of it as in pigsty or an eyesore
MEN Mendoza = need to resolve before accepting more beta users
PEA Easy-peasy
SKY Pie in the sky (would be awesome but not necessarily worth the effort)
ABC Non-technical, like prose or webcopy tweaks
ADO Consensus needed on what to Actually Do (or "much ado about ∅"), AKA question

Closed Issues

Label Meaning
aok Feature, by design
cnr Could not reproduce
dup Duplicate
nix Won't fix or invalid
zap fixed
zzz postponed