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Common workflow language testing framework

This is a testing tool for checking the output of Tools and Workflows described with the Common Workflow Language. Among other uses, it is used to run the CWL conformance tests.

This is written and tested for Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, and 3.7


Installing the official package from PyPi:

pip install cwltest

Or from source:

git clone
cd cwltest && python install

Run on the command line

Simple command:

cwltest --test test-descriptions.yml --tool cwl-runner

Generate conformance badges using cwltest

To make badges that show the results of the conformance test, you can generate JSON files for by using --badgedir option

To generate JSON files:

cwltest --test test-descriptions.yml --tool cwl-runner --badgedir badges
$ cat badges/command_line_tool.json | jq .
  "subject": "command_line_tool",
  "status": "100%",
  "color": "green"

Once you upload JSON file to a server, you make a badge by using a link like or (for flat badges).

Here is an example of markdown to add a badge:

![test result](
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