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CommonAccord Library and Parser

This is the repo used as the source for (and website. Web presentation is deployed via Heroku. The presentation get hits by bots, and sometimes it gets knocked out. Let us know by a message to


Written in 2014 by Primavera De Filippi. This software is dedicated to the public domain worldwide under the CC0 Public Domain Dedication. This software is distributed without any warranty.


PHP front end which uses the doc.php file ( file to run a perl script which runs on legal source documents stored on the file server and stored in this github repo (


This Perl script ( parses and expands fields in documents stored locally and remotely. It is part of the CommonAccord project, which aims to bring the world to agreement through codified legal documents.

Build Instructions

Note - generally speaking, the faster way to get going is to do step 1, then clone Cmacc-Org into your server folder. It has everything. Then trim out what you don't want. But if you want to collaborate on a sub repo, you may have to reinstall it. (Help available on that, too.)

The CommonAccord app as coded by Primavera De Filippi can be used by:

  1. A "LAMP" stack web server. I use MAMP successfully.

  2. Putting in the folder four things:

  3. An index.php

  4. An /image/ folder (for the little icons and other graphics - needed only because they are pretty)

  5. A /vendor/ folder, in which you mount this cmacc-app so that you have these files as /vendor/cmacc-app/*.

  6. A /Doc/ (note the initial cap) in which you put content - the prose files. You will likely want to mount in there a number of the /G/ folders. ("G" stands for git and is where all the more recent work is. Many of those subfolders are separate git repos. Almost all of the solutions depend on /G/Z/ which has all the little files for making various kinds of sections and paragraphs. You will also likely want some demo identities and places - in /G/U/. ("U" as in "hey U") You will also want the frame for agreements, the repo Agt-Form-CmA. And then substantive solutions. Each of those you mount according to their specified location - =[G/*] (links between files do not include the name of the /Doc/ folder, which is the root.) . No relative references, all references are from the root.






Ensure you have Perl installed on your system. The script also relies on curl for fetching remote documents.


To run the script, use the following command:

perl <input_file> <root_field>


The full website, including many of the sub repos.







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