Protection Profile for Mobile Device Fundamentals
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Protection Profile for Mobile Device Fundamentals

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This repository hosts the draft version of the Protection Profile for Mobile Device Fundamentals based on the Essential Security Requirements (ESR) for this technology class of products. This repository is used to facilitate collaboration and development on the draft document. See the release section if you are looking for the officially released version for evaluations. A list of products that have passed evaluation against this Protection Profile can be found here.

Draft Version

Release Version


If you are interested in contributing directly to future versions the this Protection Profile, please consider joining the NIAP technical community.


Questions, comments, and fixes can be submitted to the repository issue tracker


To clone this project along with its transforms submodule run:

  git clone --recursive

To pull updates from the upstream transforms submodule and commit them run:

 git submodule update --remote transforms
 git add transforms
 git commit

Development Info

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Repository Content

  • input - Contains the 'meat' of the project. It's the input content (in XML form) that gets transformed to readable html.
  • output - The output directory where the html is placed after transformation.
  • output/images - The directory where images are stored
  • transforms - Points to the transform subproject which is really a repository for resources shared amongst many Common Criteria projects.



See License