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Movement App


A minimum viable community activism onboarding service.

How This Works

This is the minimium viable product for Movement, Common Knowledge's tool for enabling local people to get in contact with grassroots organisers in their local area.

At the moment we are concentrating on getting people over the barrier of being concerned about an issue to being put in contact with an organiser and attending their first event.

  1. We have a phone with WhatsApp on it.
  2. We onboard people through our Typeform which clearly explains the process.
  3. We message them. We ask a variety of questions. This is our current thinking - it may be wrong.
  4. They connect up with local grassroots activists and begin their journey to becoming autonomous political agents capable of changing their own livse and the lives of those around them. Perhaps they might in turn become grassroots political organisers themselves.

Different Pathways

You can see the first version of the script in this repository.

We aren't quite sure of the best approach to connect local people with grassroots organisers, so we are trying multiple approaches and seeing which are the most effective.

  1. Each pull request represents a different take.
  2. We work out a quick version on the script we present, running it through our design checklist before we go any further. Though this is more of a live service than a UX interview (say), we make basic ethical checks. These are the ethical standards defined by the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA).
  3. We choose a group of users (a cohort) to go through this particular pathway. It is typically 5-10 users.
  4. We observe what happens.
  5. Often people don't reply. We try our hardest to unblock a no-reply, always giving the user an out for us not to contact them any longer.
  6. In the event of a long term no reply we sign off and thank the user for their time.
  7. We consider what we have learnt and apply those learnings to future versions of this MVP. We made a hypothesis at the start of this process, which allow us to consider if the thing we thought was the case was not or not. We may learn other things as well.

Any data drawn from this process is anonymised and kept securely.

Getting In Touch

Get in contact with us at


A minimum viable grassroots activism onboarding service








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