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jgm committed Apr 7, 2019
1 parent db541a2 commit 2ef5f9616b0bfdc5253bfd951e6312b0684b182d
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* Clarify that entities can't be used to indicate structure (#474).
For example, you can't use `*` instead of `*` for a bullet
list, or `
` to create a new paragraph.
* Limit numerical entities to 6 hex or 7 decimal digits (#487).
This is all that is needed given the upper bound on
unicode code points.
* Specify dropping of initial/final whitespace in setext heading content
* Add example with a reference link definition where the reference is never
used (#454).
* Add example with setext header after reference link defs (#395).
* Clarify that script, pre, style close tags can begin an HTML block (#517).
* Remove `meta` from list of block tags in start condition #6 of
HTML blocks (#527). meta tags are used in some inline contexts (though
this isn't valid HTML5), e.g. in
* Disallow newlines inside of unquoted attributes (#507,
Shyouhei Urabe) as per HTML spec:
* Remove vestigial restriction in list item spec (#543).
The "not separated by more than one blank line" was a left-over
from an earlier version of the spec in which two blank lines
ended a list.
* Fix tests where list items are indented 4+ spaces (#497).
The tests did not accord with the spec here; these
lines should be continuation lines (if no blank space)
or indented code blocks (if blank space).
* Clarify tildes and backticks in info strings (#119).
We disallow backticks in info strings after backtick fences
only. Both backticks and tildes are allowed in info strings
after tilde fences. Add example.
* Indicate that info string is trimmed of all whitespace (#505, Ashe
Connor). As noted in
<>, the info string
is not only trimmed of "spaces" (U+0020) but also of tabs.
* Don't strip spaces in code span containing only spaces (#569).
This allows one to include a code span with just spaces,
using the most obvious syntax.
* Add example w/ reference link w/ empty destination in `<>` (#172).
* Disallow link destination beginning with `<` unless it is inside `<..>`
(#538). This brings the description in line with the spec example:
[foo]: <bar>(baz)
<p>[foo]: <bar>(baz)</p>
* Allow spaces inside link destinations in pointy brackets (#503).
This reverts a change in 0.24 and should make things easier
for people working with image paths containing spaces.
* Remove redundant condition. We don't need to specify that the absolute
URI in an autolink doesn't contain `<`, since this is specified in
the description of an absolute URI.
* Add additional spec examples involving link destinations in `<>` (#473).
* Add test for `[test](<url\>)` (#562).
* Disallow unescaped `(` in parenthesized link titles (#526).
* Add example showing need for space before title in reference link (#469).
* Add codepoints for punctuation characters (#564, Christoph Päper).
* Clarify the left- and right-flanking definitions (#534, Jay Martin).
* Match interior delimiter runs if lengths of both are multiples of 3
(#528). This gives better results on `a***b***c` without giving bad
results on the cases that motivated the original multiple of 3 rule.
* Add another test case for emphasis (#509, Michael Howell).
* Code spans: don't collapse interior space (#532).
* Simplify revisions to code span normalization rules.
Remove the complex rule about ignoring newlines adjacent
to spaces. Now newlines are simply converted to spaces.
* Replace image 'url' with 'destination' (#512, Phill).
* Add some links for occurrences of "above" (#480).
* Various typo fixes (#514, Kenta Sato; #533, nikolas;
tnaia, #556; #551, Grahame Grieve).
* Create .gitattributes so that changelog.txt is highlighted as
markdown (#499, Christoph Päper).
* Update GitHub links (Morten Piibeleht).
* Update references to container and leaf block headers to use the
correct pluralization (#531, Elijah Hamovitz).
* Rephrase example #111 to indicate that the rendering is not mandated
* Improve documentation of parsing strategy (#563).
Note that `openers_bottom` needs to be indexed to
delimiter run lengths as well as types.
* make_spec.lua: Fix migration of children nodes in create_anchors (#536,
Zhiming Wang). This resulted in some bugs in the rendered spec
(where words would be dropped from links).
* Fix dingus link when double clicking Markdown code (#535, Zhiming Wang).
Prior to this commit, the link opened is always `/dingus/?text=` (no
* Add spec.json generator to Makefile (M Pacer).


* Allow unlimited balanced pairs of parentheses in link URLs

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