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@jgm jgm released this Apr 8, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

  • Update spec to 0.29.
  • Fix parsing of setext headers after reference link definitions.
  • Fix code span normalization to conform to spec change.
  • Allow empty destinations in link refs. See commonmark/commonmark#172.
  • Update link destination parsing.
  • dingus: add dependency version requirements (#159, Vas Sudanagunta). Dingus was rendering incorrectly with Bootstrap 4. Added a bower.json which requires Bootstrap, jQuery and Lodash with major version equal to what's currently live. Likewise the minimum patch version.
  • package.json: Add version for bower in devDependencies.
  • package.json - use ^ operator for versions.
  • Allow internal delim runs to match if both have lengths that are multiples of 3. See commonmark/commonmark#528.
  • Remove now unused 'preserve_entities' option on escapeXml. This was formerly used (incorrectly) in the HTML renderer. It isn't needed any more. [API change]
  • html renderer: Don't preserve entities when rendering href, src, title, info string. This gives rise to double-encoding errors, when the original markdown is e.g. :, since the commonmark reader already unescapes entities. Thanks to Sebastiaan Knijnenburg for noticing this.
  • More efficient checking for loose lists. This fixes a case like commonmark/cmark#284.
  • Disallow unescaped ( in parenthesized link title.
  • Add pathological test (commonmark/cmark#285).
  • Comment out failing pathological test for now.
  • Add pathological tests for #157.
  • Fix two exponential regex backtracking vulnerabilities (#157, Anders Kaseorg). ESCAPED_CHAR already matches \\, so matching it again in another alternative was causing exponential complexity explosion. This makes the following behavior changes: [foo\\\] is no longer incorrectly accepted as a link reference. <foo\> is no longer incorrectly accepted as an angle-bracketed link destination.
  • package.json: require lodash >= 4.17.11.
  • Require cached-path-relative >= 1.0.2. This fixes a security vulnerability, but it's only in the dev dependencies.
  • Update fenced block parsing for spec change.
  • Require space before title in reference link. See commonmark/cmark#263.
  • Update code span normalization for spec change.
  • Removed meta from list of block tags. See commonmark/commonmark-spec#527.
  • make dist: ensure that comment line is included in dist files (#144). Also change URL to CommonMark/commonmark.js.
  • Use local development dependencies (#142, Lynn Kirby). Packages used during development are now listed in devDependencies of package.json. Makefiles are updated to use those local versions. References to manually installing packages are removed from and bench/bench.js. The package-lock.json file used in newer NPM versions is also added.
  • Allow spaces in pointy-bracket link destinations.
  • Adjust max length for decimal/numeric entities. See commonmark/commonmark-spec#487.
  • Don't allow escaped spaces in link destination. Closes commonmark/commonmark-spec#493.
  • Don't allow list items that are indented >= 4 spaces. See commonmark/commonmark-spec#497.
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