Code for building ConceptNet from raw data.
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ConceptNet aims to give computers access to common-sense knowledge, the kind of information that ordinary people know but usually leave unstated.

This Python package contains a toolset for building the ConceptNet 5 knowledge graph, possibly with your own custom data, and it serves the HTML interface and JSON Web API for it.

You don't need this package to simply access ConceptNet 5; see for more information and a browsable Web interface with an API.

Further documentation is available on the ConceptNet wiki.

Licensing and attribution appear in LICENSE.txt and

Discussion groups

If you're interested in using ConceptNet, please join the conceptnet-users Google group, for questions and occasional announcements:

For real-time discussion, ConceptNet also has a chat channel on Gitter:

Installing and building ConceptNet

To be able to run all steps of the ConceptNet build process, you'll need a Unix command line (Ubuntu 16.04 works great), Python 3.5 or later, 30 GB of RAM, and some other dependencies. See the build process on our wiki for instructions.

You may not need to build ConceptNet yourself! Try the Web API first.