A Python library for learning from dimensionality reduction, supporting sparse and dense matrices.
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Divisi2 is a library for reasoning by analogy over semantic networks using the sparse singular-value decomposition.

Documentation for this library is in development in the doc/ directory. Documentation for the previous version of Divisi is available at http://csc.media.mit.edu/docs/.

The main website for the project is located at http://csc.media.mit.edu/divisi/.


Divisi2 belongs to two projects with many of the same people involved:

  • Open Mind Common Sense, a project of the MIT Media Lab
  • the MIT Mind Machine Project

The primary developers are:

  • Rob Speer <rspeer at mit dot edu>
  • Ken Arnold <kcarnold at mit dot edu>

See AUTHORS.rst for a list of all authors.


This version of Divisi is available under the GNU General Public License, version 3.0. See COPYING.txt.