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Here's a pruned version of the history; the full history, including all
of our false starts and oops fixes, can be viewed through Bazaar or on
295: Kenneth Arnold 2009-06-01 Normalized copy.
294: Kenneth Arnold 2009-06-01 FIX tensor .magnitude function. It previously returned the square of the magnitude.
293: Kenneth Arnold 2009-06-01 Skip the failing tensordot test; this needs an overhaul anyway.
292: Kenneth Arnold 2009-06-01 Eventually tensors should be constructable from nested lists, not just in the test harness. This is one step in that direction.
291: Kenneth Arnold 2009-06-01 Some test cleanups and improvements in documentation.
290: Kenneth Arnold 2009-06-01 Document and fix a corner case (empty DenseTensors).
289: Kenneth Arnold 2009-06-01 Use numpy's reliable scalar checks.
288: Kenneth Arnold 2009-06-01 Fix key parameter to top_items.
286: Kenneth Arnold 2009-05-30 Improve summarization display.
283: Jayant Krishnamurthy 2009-05-28 renamed Graph to SemanticNetwork
280: Jayant Krishnamurthy 2009-05-27 moved the method to build a graph out of conceptnet into CrossBridge
279: Jayant Krishnamurthy 2009-05-27 fixed k_edge_subgraphs
278: Jayant Krishnamurthy 2009-05-27 changed some comments
277: Jayant Krishnamurthy 2009-05-27 created the CrossBridge class for analogies
276: Jayant Krishnamurthy 2009-05-05 better docstrings
275: Jayant Krishnamurthy 2009-05-05 analogy code
272: Jayant Krishnamurthy 2009-04-12 some changes from long ago that make a view with a zero mean
270: Kenneth Arnold 2009-04-12 Utility function to determine sparsity.
266: Kenneth Arnold 2009-04-10 Push in some of Andrew's changes to Still not perfect.
265: Andrew Farrell 2009-04-01 added pyPI-compatable
263: Ken Arnold 2009-03-19 Fix broken __contains__ across the board. Phew...
262: Ken Arnold 2009-03-18 Clarify the last change.
261: Ken Arnold 2009-03-18 Fix __contains__ for labeled views.
260: Ken Arnold 2009-03-18 Test __contains__, somewhat.
259: Kenneth Arnold 2009-03-18 Fail sensibly if the tensor is empty
258: Kenneth Arnold 2009-03-18 Fix repr() of empty orderedset
251: Kenneth Arnold 2009-03-17 Add selfblend example.
249: Kenneth Arnold 2009-03-17 Fix blending factors (weight by _inverse_ variance).
248: Kenneth Arnold 2009-03-11 Add a packed-binary file format for svdview.
247: Kenneth Arnold 2009-03-11 Make the export_svdview method work.
246: Kenneth Arnold 2009-03-11 New Blend class.
241: Kenneth Arnold 2009-03-10 Make tensor repr and example_key not fail on an empty tensor
236: Ken Arnold 2009-03-04 Add API docs (apydia on new-caledonia = hacked to work).
235: Andrew Farrell 2009-02-27 make easy_install understand that numpy is a dependency
234: Ken Arnold 2009-02-27 new-caledonia set up us the apidoc
231: Kenneth Arnold 2009-02-27 Add release info.
230: Kenneth Arnold 2009-02-27 Making Sphinx work (part 1)
226: Kenneth Arnold 2009-02-26 You should now be able to run './ apydia'. Should.
225: Kenneth Arnold 2009-02-26 Make test_tensor_dl importable
221: Kenneth Arnold 2009-02-26 Unify examples (temporarily out of the docs)
218: Kenneth Arnold 2009-02-26 Clue setuptools in on the new layout, and bump the version number (we'll actually do numbered releases now).
217: Kenneth Arnold 2009-02-26 BREAKAGE: Move the divisi package into its own subdir.
216: Robert Speer 2009-02-26 re-ran Apydia
213: rspeer 2009-02-24 autoblend
212: rspeer 2009-02-10 add sampling
Old SVN revision numbers:
r603 | kcarnold | A hopefully robust __setstate__ for DictTensors.
r598 | kcarnold | Move divisi.cnet to conceptnet.analogyspace. *REQUIRES NEW CSAMOA*.
r591 | jayant | Incremental SVD
r587 | kcarnold | Rewrite layering logic so it's less brittle.
r567 | kcarnold | Add cmul for dense tensors, finally.
r566 | rspeer | added export_svdview
r545 | kcarnold | Improve adding tensors. Scalar addition now works.
r538 | kcarnold | tf-idf view.
r533 | kcarnold | Comprehensive Cython build and distribution fix.
r517 | jayant | Correction to the (u,v)_angles_to methods on the SVD object
r515 | rspeer | loads of documentation
r509 | kcarnold | Switch from epydoc to apydia. Thanks, Rob.
r504 | kcarnold | A reconstructed tensor that re-multiplies by the norms.
r472 | kcarnold | Reconstructed 2D tensor.
r469 | kcarnold | Deprecate the old SparseLabeledTensor classes in favor of constructor methods. This kills some functionality that should have been ported to the real tensor stack long ago.
r468 | kcarnold | An iterated version of outer_tuples; should be better for memory.
r447 | kcarnold | Common exceptions for Divisi.
r431 | kcarnold | Don't include zero entries in the sum.
r430 | kcarnold | Support adding tensors
r429 | kcarnold | Remove the unnecessary indexable_set
r422 | jayant | DictTensor slice optimization for slicing an entire row
r421 | jayant | Modified DictTensor to store its items in nested dictionaries instead of one big dictionary with tuple keys. The change causes inserts to be 8% slower, but DictTensors use 40% less memory.
r420 | kcarnold | Fix SVD results when we got fewer singular values than asked for.
r412 | jayant | Fixed a bug with DictTensor's tensordot function where it would not return a scalar
r411 | kcarnold | Make the Tensor getattr fallback more robust.
r410 | kcarnold | Low-hanging fruit for optimization.
r409 | kcarnold | Kill an ill-advised Abstract layer that is only slowing things down.
r408 | kcarnold | Separate Wikipedia stuff.
r407 | kcarnold | Update docs
r406 | kcarnold | Remove some legacy stuff
r404 | kcarnold | Remove unused PerspectiveSpace code.
r403 | kcarnold | _svdlib -> divisi._svdlib.
r399 | jayant | Made DictTensor slicing preserve the shape of the parent
r396 | jayant | added the combine_by_element method that allows you to combine two tensors element by element
r394 | kcarnold | Fix a serious long-standing normalization bug.
r392 | kcarnold | Default the identities to sqrt(5) for the ConceptNet tensor, so that the norms come out as expected.
r370 | jalonso | Repackage svdlibc using setuptools instead of autoconf.
r356 | kcarnold | Improve test framework.
r353 | kcarnold | Fix naming in ConceptNet: s/stem/concept/g
r352 | jayant | Added a method for iterating over the keys along one dimension of a tensor
r351 | jayant | Added a method to find the concepts near a specified feature
r350 | jmoeller | Changed slicing to be the exceptional case in DictTensor
r343 | kcarnold | rename ut to u in the SVD wrapper code.
r339 | rspeer | major fix: made normalized SVD actually work
r338 | rspeer | added demos
r337 | rspeer | Make getting an unknown element of a sparse tensor not fail.
r334 | kcarnold | Add methods for computing angles.
r333 | kcarnold | Provide a rudimentary division support in the base Tensor class. Subclasses can do better.
r332 | kcarnold | cnet: Handle polarity, and switch cutoff from a >= to a >
r321 | kcarnold | Take advantage of new queryset_refactor features to let Django make the query for us.
r317 | kcarnold | Support negating tensors.
r314 | kcarnold | Naming fixes in cnet
r301 | kcarnold | Make 2D explicit in the load functions.
r300 | kcarnold | Remove obsolete load/store functions. Use pickle/cPickle instead.
r299 | kcarnold | Remove ConceptNet2DTensor; everything is a bare function now. This incidentally removes load_cross_validation; maybe we'll restore that later.
r298 | kcarnold | Make normalization methods use separate classes
r297 | kcarnold | Generalize layering.
r296 | kcarnold | Add an "averaging" normalization
r295 | kcarnold | Make one csamoa dep optional.
r285 | | Inital public release