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andglobe: Global Android Developer Support Resources

This repo is for maintaining a roster of sites, in all languages, offering questions and answers on Android application development.

The official copy of the roster is in this repo. It is cached on Amazon S3 and is accessible via

An HTML rendition of the roster is accessible via

The official roster is in JSON. The top-level keys are the ISO 639-1 language codes for the language supported by the site. The value for each key is another JSON object, with three attributes:

  1. "name", which is the name of the language as represented in that language itself (e.g., Spanish is Español). Where applicable, use formatting as for a proper noun (e.g., the first letter is capitalized).

  2. "description", which is a translation of the following sentence into that language: These sites are places where you can ask or answer Android application development questions. Note that the initial translations were provided by Google Translate and therefore may need some improvement.

  3. "sites", which is a JSON array of objects, with name and url attributes for the display name and question-and-answer URL, respectively.

The languages are sorted by ISO 639-1 code (using English collation); the sites should be sorted by name using the collation native to the language in question.

If you wish to contribute to the roster, please do so by one of the following:

  • Send a GitHub pull request. If you choose this route, please help us keep the roster in sorted order.

  • File an issue with the language, name, and URL.

  • Send an email to with the language, name, and URL.

The stasis/ directory contains a Stasis set of scripts for generating the static HTML rendition of the roster.

Please be advised that the guy managing this repository is monolingual (at best), and so any assistance in ensuring that this material is well-suited for the various language-specific developer groups is greatly appreciated.

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